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September 25, 2013 @ 7:14 pm

Minisode 1: Book Club Check In

In between Book club podcast episodes I will be doing a some Minisodes. This one is just under 3 minutes and I ask questions about our current reading. Feel free to send in your comments on the questions asked in this minisode, or even questions Melanie asks in her Taking It Further sections of Chapters 1-3.

 In chapter 2 she talks about the Seven Functions of Magick.
1. Giving energy initial purpose
2. Transforming Energy
3. Combining Energies
4. Separating Energies
5. Containing Energy
6. Releasing Energy
7. Redirecting Energy
Do you agree with these functions? Why or why not? Do you find yourself using these functions in your own magick?

In Chapter 3 Melanie gives us a challenge to think of three things we can do on a daily basis to increase our magickal power. What three things would you do, or if you are already doing them, what three things do you do?

 Feel free to leave your comments here, on the facebook page or email me -

I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Thank you again for listening. Read on! & Blessed Be!


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