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October 5, 2013 @ 3:04 pm

Book Club, Pumpkins & Samhain!

Here we are making waves... into Episode 3!

In this episode we talk about what's been going on with me, the wonderful ingredient - Pumpkin, how utterly amazing Samhain is and we get into our first Book Club segment of the podcast!

In this episode I mentioned a painting I purchased from the Etsy Shop - Torch and Paintbrush. 

And I talk about a wonderful new shop that opened up last month, from Velma Nightshade - called Magickal Miscellany!

We also have CONTESTS! Yes, episode - it's only episode 3 and I'm already trying to give stuff away!

Contest #1 - Witchy Hat Headband

You can be entered in for a chance to win the Witchy Hat Headband pictured above.
All you have to do is email me, thekindlewitch (at) gmail (dot) com and share your stories of what Samhain means to you, or what you plan on doing for this Samhain. The names of those who enter will be placed into a hat and a lucky winner will be drawn before the next episode of the podcast is out in two weeks!

Contest #2 - Book Club Book

The next contest is for a copy of the next book we will be reading as a book club. Though the book has not been picked yet.
You can be entered in for a chance to win a kindle, nook or physical copy of the book by leaving feedback in one of three places - The blog, via email, or on the facebook page. You can only get one entry no matter on where you leave the feedback. However, if you leave a review and rating of the podcast on iTunes you can earn a second entry to the contest!
The winner of this contest will be picked in 8 weeks, in the next Book Review episode of the podcast!

Next time on the Podcast
The Witches Bag of Tricks by Melanie Marquis Chapters 4 - 10
The book is available on by clicking on the title of the book.
The book is $11.98 (Paperback) and $9.99 (Kindle).
If you are joining us with a Nook it is available from Barnes and Noble for $10.49

We will be reading through to Chapter 3 - listeners/readers are encouraged to join the book club discussion by emailing their comments to  thekindlewitch (at) gmail (dot) com
You can also share your comments here on the blog or by leaving your comments on the Facebook Page.

Thank you again for listening! Read on! & Blessed Be!

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